Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pretty code snippets for the masses

In my last blog entry I pointed out a tool called Coderay for generating syntax-highlighted html for blog posts. Two train rides later and I've launched an application that should make life a whole lot easier for folks who want pretty code on their blog.

I give you Spotlight:

In other news, heroku is awesome.


Anonymous said...

What's a Squaremasher? And where is JavaScript, you language bigot?!

Seriously, this is nice. (And C does a pretty good job on JavaScript in a pinch.)

Dave Hoover said...

Cool idea, Tyler. You might want to mention, though that users will need to grab the generated CodeRay CSS if they want to copy/paste this into a blog post. Or you might want to use TamTam to inline the styles. :-)

Anonymous said...

aurelianito said...
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aurelianito said... is not working :(. I would like to give it a try.